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Weber KS, Bridgewater LC, Jensen JL, Breakwell DP, Nielsen B, Johnson SM. 2018. Personal microbiome analysis improves student engagement and interest in Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Genomics undergraduate courses. PLoS One. 13(4):20 pages.  doi:10.1071/FP17281

Berg JA, Merrill BD, Crockett JT JT, Esplin KP, Evans MR, Heaton KE, Hilton JA, Hyde JR, McBride MS, Schouten JT, et al. 2016. Characterization of Five Novel Brevibacillus Bacteriophages and Genomic Comparison of Brevibacillus Phages. PLoS One. 1(6):e015683.  doi:0.1371/journal.pone.0156838

Aanderud ZT, Vert JC, Lennon JT, Magnusson TW, Breakwell DP, Harker AA. 2016. Bacterial Dormancy Is More Prevalent in Freshwater than Hypersaline Lakes. Frontiers in Microbiology. 7.  doi:

Grose JH, Belnap DM, Jensen JD, Mathis AD, Prince JT, Merrill BD, Hope S, Breakwell DP. 2014. The Genomes, Proteomes, and Structures of Three Novel Phages That Infect the Bacillus cereus Group and Carry Putative Virulence Factors. Journal of Virology. 88:11846-11860.

Grose JH, Jensen GS, Hope S, Breakwell DP. 2014. Genomic comparison of 93 Bacillus phages reveals 12 clusters, 14 singletons and remarkable diversity. 15:855.  doi:10.1186/1471-2164-15-855

Merrill BD, Grose JH, Breakwell DP, Hope S. 2014. Characterization of Paenibacillus larvae bacteriophages and their genomic relationships to firmicute bacteriophages. BMC Genomics. 15(Aug 30):745.

Tazi L, Breakwell DP, Harker AR, Keith CA. 2014. Life in extreme environments: microbial diversity in Great Salt Lake, Utah. Extremophiles. 18(3):525-535.

Grose JH, Jensen JD, Merrill BD, Fisher J, Hope S, Breakwell DP. 2014. The Genomes of Three Novel Bacillus cereus Bacteriophages. Genome Announcements. 2(1):2.  doi:10.1128/genomeA.01118-13

Breakwell DP, Barrus EZ, Benedict AB, Brighton AK, Fisher JN, Gardner AV, Kartchner BJ, Ladle KC, Lunt BL, Merrill BD, et al. 2013. Genome Sequences of Five Cluster B1 Mycobacteriophages. Genome Announcements. 1(6).  doi:10.1128/genomeA.00968-13

Sheflo MA, Gardner AV, Merrill BD, Fisher JN, Lunt BL, Breakwell DP, Grose JH, Hope S. 2013. Complete Genome Sequences of Five Paenibacillus larvae Bacteriophages. Genome Announcements. 1(6).  doi:10.1128/genomeA.00668-13.

Smith KC, Castro-Nallar E, Fisher JN, Breakwell DP, Grose JH, Hope S. 2013. Phage cluster relationships identified through single gene analysis. BMC Genomics. 14(410):15.

Shen PS, Domek MJ, Sans-Garcia E, Majaju A, Taylor RM, Hoggan R, Culumber M, Oberg C, Breakwell DP, Prince JT, et al. 2012. Sequence and Structural Characterization of Great Salt Lake Bacteriophage CW02, a Member of the T7-like Supergroup. Journal of Virology. 86:7907-7917.

Hatfull G, Grose JH, Hope S, Breakwell DP. 2012. Complete genome sequences of 138 mycobacteriophages. Journal of Virology. 86(4):2382-2384.

March JK, Jensen KC, Porter NT, Breakwell DP. 2011. Authentic Active Learning Activities Demonstrating the Use of Serial Dilutions and Plate Counts. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. 12(2):152-156.


Earley BJ, Engle JM, Smith KC, Lunt BL, Fisher JN, Payne II DE, Breakwell DP, Hope S, Grose JH. 2011. Mycobacterium phage Jebeks, complete genome. JN572061st ed.

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